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About Mirt:
Musician and graphic designer, playing with Brasil and the Gallowbrothers Band (ex One Inch Of Shadow), duo with T. Gadomski and solo. Mirt take part in improvised live sets with Hati, Wolfram, Black Forest/Black Sea. He works for Cat|Sun, MonotypeRec. labels and M|I magazine. He prefers analog electronic, prepared trumpet and guitar as well as field recordings. All of Mirt's recordings are made without computer editing on analog tape.

29.03.2012    Video for Artificial Field Recordings

01.02.2012    Two tracks from gig in Poznan (29.01.) are available on Mirt's Soundcloud
Rain in City of Myrrh
CDR, Cat|Sun 2001.
Journey Through The City
CDR, Cat|Sun 2002.
Limited CDR (80 copies), Foxglove 2004.
Limited 3"CDR (121 copies), Malachit 2004. Limited LP (250 copies), Cat|Sun/Nefryt 2009.
Oh! You Are So Naive!
CD Cat|Sun/MonotypeRec. 2006.
Si Si (with T. Gadomski)
CD MonotypeRec. 2008.
Handmade Man
Limited CD (250 copies), Cat|Sun 2010.
Artificial Field Recordings
CD, Cat|Sun 2011.